Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Garage Band: Most Rocking Track

Powerpop "Most Rocking Track" honors go to.............Supraluxe! Boooyaaaaaaaa

We got a few more awards too:

Radio: KWVA U of O

KVWA, the University of Oregon (which you pronounce "OR-a-gun" if you actually live in OR and "or-a-GONE" if you live in MN) radio station at 88.1 on your Eugene FM dial, will be spinning Blue Sky on their show Snap Crackle and Pop. We'll be appearing this Friday 3/3 at 10:00 Pacific time.

Big thanks to Craig!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Radio: Cities 97

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Supraluxe got a spin on Cities 97 last night! Jason Nagel who puts together the Minnesota Music show Sunday nights, sandwiched us along with some other great artists. Impressive company!

Here's the playlist:

Sunday, February 26th

Malachi Constant - Blueshammer, Pride
Friends Like These - Karen, Deliver Us From Evil
Tapes 'n Tapes - More Cowbell, The Loon

Willie Wisely - This is Everything, Parador
The Owls - The Lucky Ones, Friends With Benefits (compilation)
Colonial Vipers Attack - Panic Attack, Colonial Vipers Attack

Supraluxe - Run Rabbit Run, Supraluxe

White Light Riot - Illusions, The Dark is Light Enough

Flamin' Oh's - Big Love, Long Live the King
Ol' Yeller - 100 Years After, Penance
High On Stress - Eyeliner Blues, Moonlight Girls

Ashtray Hearts - Exits, Perfect Halves
Paul Westerberg - My Dad, AOL Sessions
Beau Kinstler - Do What You Love, Ocean

JoAnna James - Wake, Desire
Romantica - Break II, It's Your Weakness That I Want


Supraluxe is listed on the PodSafe network. Doing a podcast? Sign up and plug us in.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


We've been working to make our music available at as many outlets as we can, and digital downloads is one area that's been slow to ramp up. We did receive word recently though that all the songs on our first CD will be available for purchase and download from iTunes shortly. They won't give a firm date, could be tomorrow, a few weeks, or a couple months. We'll let you know as soon as it's out there.

In the meantime, remember you can listen to samples or purchase the CD here:


Saturday, February 25, 2006

With friends like these......

This just in, We Really Attract The Weirdos.


"Am I the first blogger?

You guys are so incredibly intimidating that I think
people are just afraid to approach you.

I know there are so many fans just waiting to bust
loose so much love.

Perhaps you need to be a little shittier.......it
worked for Scott Stapp. Or is that Schtapt? I love
that guy! So emotive and shitty! Man, is he ever
shitastic! He should jam with the guys from Train and
make a goddamned shit bomb and explode ALL OVER THE

I think you guys should get together with Dave
Matthews and just jam some ideas out. You know...get
a pop and slap bass player, a baritone sax player and
guy with a Peavey guitar and just have at it!!!!!!!!!

Then people would blog....for sure!"

Internet Radio: Whit's Brain

We're appearing on Whit's Brain! Locally (Minneapolis) produced powerpop radio.

Here's what Whit says about us:

Supraluxe--Supraluxe (self released)

Twin Cities-based Supraluxe will wow all within earshot of their killer debut CD, the self-titled Supraluxe. This is a very inspired collection of stylized Power Pop that sounds fresh and familiar at once. Beatle-esque and Kinks-inspired '60s pop meld seamlessly here with touches of '70s radio fare like Steely Dan and Todd Rundgren. This one will be on all pop lovers' list of favorites this year. Even the CD artwork rocks!

Featured Tracks: "Sugar Chalet", "Love Sweet Love", "Chemical Fun"

Color us flattered. In a big way.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Podcast: Accidental Expat

Supraluxe on Accidental Expat!

Podcast: Audio Pandemic

Supraluxe on Audio Pandemic!

Podcast: Clever Little Pod

Supraluxe on Clever Little Pod! Gary roams the streets of Birmingham England with a yapping dog.

It's so cool to hear our music introduced with a British accent. If I were a wealthy man I'd personally fly over there right now and give Gary a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Stream episode 12 HERE.

Podcast: Mark Baars

Supraluxe on Mark Baars!

Podcast: You Are The Guest

We got a featured spot on You Are The Guest, hosted by Bill Brady. Super guy, super cool show. Check this one out. And in case you're wondering, the cartoon guy is Bill. He has no eyes, no nose, a big mouth, and his head is shaped like a Mighty Beanz.

Podcast: A Good Day For Airplay

Tokyo will be played soon on A Good Day For Airplay, a great podcast from our good neighbor to the north, eh. Thanks Paul!

Podcast: Insomnia Radio

Jason Envangelho at Insomnia Radio has picked up Supraluxe - we'll be played soon. Jason is spinning Tokyo in the latest podcast.

BTW - Jason is one cool guy, and his show it too. Highly recommended, hipsters. You know who you are.

Garage Band Track of the Day

We're going to have the "Track of the Day" on Garage band! (pats own back)

Got the notice today:

"Congratulations! As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from GarageBand.com members, "Run Rabbit Run" will be Track of the Day at GarageBand.com.

For 24 hours on Friday, the 3rd of March, 2006 (PST) "Run Rabbit Run" will be featured on GarageBand.com's Power Pop front page. The address for this page will be:


Technorati Profile

We're listed. If that means anything to you, I'm happy for you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Podcast: Tower of Song

Supraluxe is venturing into the brave new world of podcasting. We'll use this space to alert you to podcasts we appear on.

Tower of Song - This is run by Tim Harlow from Dallas. Tim showcases great indie rock. We appear on his show #47; he plays us right after a new song by Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate fame.

Direct link to Show #47

Monday, February 20, 2006


We have a winner! The first person to pin themselves on our Frappr map is......Molly Torrance! To Molly, we raise the Supraluxe cup o' luv.

Pin your tail on our donkey too.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

PopBang Radio Spot

We recorded a radio spot for PopBang Radio. Actually just Bob did it; I had laryngitis and I sounded like a 13-year-old going through puberty who lost his voice screaming at a Green Day show.

It's pretty cool, you can check it out HERE.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Supraluxe on MySpace

The success of the concept of MySpace appears to be built on a somewhat vapid network of bravado, vanity and mutual admiration.

Upon discovering this, I immediately built a MySpace page for Supraluxe.

I had hoped that the entire community wasn't comprised only of "THANKS FOR THE ADD, DUDE! YOU ROCK!" slinging 19 year old metalheads and valley girls, and I haven't been disappointed. I've met a few good people, notably Chance, an artist out of LA. A genuinely helpful guy who has taken the time to dispense a little wisdom to me. He also makes genuinely cool music.

Makes it all worth it.

If you're already a member and want to add us as a Friend, click HERE. Thanks for the add, dude. You rock.

Where would you like to hear us?

Do you have a favorite radio station that plays indie artists? Who are your favorite music podcasters? Anywhere else you go for tunes? Please let us know; with your help we can spread the good word.

Email your tips here: info@supraluxe.com

Friends of Supraluxe

Are you a friend of Supraluxe?


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Not Lame

Supraluxe got listed on Not Lame today!

"Major pop discovery, Not Lamers! This debut is a surprisingly mature and self-assured first work. Meticulous, lush and melodic, the album pulses with light and exudes a dark energy that is undeniable. Supraluxe carves out new classic melodies with a cohesive vision, and they have created a song cycle that is accomplished and complete. Let your stereo speaker carmelize with the now confections of Supraluxe. There`s so much love here in this varied, strikingingly original outing. Fans of New Pornographers/AC Newman, Pernice Brothers, Elliot Smith(lead singer Jim Risser sounds a lot like Smith) will enjoy this entire release. A lot of the material here really brings out that `classic` sound that Elliot Smith perfected on his last studio album, "X/O". You`ll hear a bit of The Posies in the vocal departments and, perhaps, Ice Cream Hands and Superdeluxe. On the more obscure side, a lot of this reminds me of Chicago`s Frisbie. Further, in fact, there`s not a bad track in the batch of 11 songs here. Despite it being a moderately direct pop record, it`s a beautifully warm and intimate release. Warm, breathy, smooth, vocals work perfectly with this material alongside gentle streams of gorgeous acoustic/electrick guitar sounds and a airy, floating spirit that lifts all the material here into a special realm reserved for the very best releases.

Sublime and plaintive, beautifully delivered lyrics to sonic landscapes are delivered with effortless grace by each band member and the always tasteful arrangements make sure that this release will not end up being `just another very fine CD` on your shelf and become one you will be forced, at the least, inclined, to tell others about."


Internet Radio: PopBang Radio

Love Sweet Love got listed as the PopBang Single of the Week!

"Supraluxe "Love Sweet Love" Awesome power pop from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Supraluxe debuts with an incredibly strong debut CD from start to finish. Smooth harmonies, sweet vocals, perfect production, and most of all, strong song writing. Hints of Starbelly, The Greenberry Woods and poppy Utopia are all over the place in an album that gets better with each listen. Highly suggested listening, since this awesomely Grade A great stuff!"


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Absolute PowerPop

A Supraluxe friend named Steve Ferra has an excellent blog up and running called AbsolutePowerPop. Cool guy, great site.