Saturday, February 25, 2006

With friends like these......

This just in, We Really Attract The Weirdos.


"Am I the first blogger?

You guys are so incredibly intimidating that I think
people are just afraid to approach you.

I know there are so many fans just waiting to bust
loose so much love.

Perhaps you need to be a little
worked for Scott Stapp. Or is that Schtapt? I love
that guy! So emotive and shitty! Man, is he ever
shitastic! He should jam with the guys from Train and
make a goddamned shit bomb and explode ALL OVER THE

I think you guys should get together with Dave
Matthews and just jam some ideas out. You know...get
a pop and slap bass player, a baritone sax player and
guy with a Peavey guitar and just have at it!!!!!!!!!

Then people would blog....for sure!"


Blogger dMw said...

I didn't write that. I promise.

6:44 PM  

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