Saturday, February 18, 2006

Supraluxe on MySpace

The success of the concept of MySpace appears to be built on a somewhat vapid network of bravado, vanity and mutual admiration.

Upon discovering this, I immediately built a MySpace page for Supraluxe.

I had hoped that the entire community wasn't comprised only of "THANKS FOR THE ADD, DUDE! YOU ROCK!" slinging 19 year old metalheads and valley girls, and I haven't been disappointed. I've met a few good people, notably Chance, an artist out of LA. A genuinely helpful guy who has taken the time to dispense a little wisdom to me. He also makes genuinely cool music.

Makes it all worth it.

If you're already a member and want to add us as a Friend, click HERE. Thanks for the add, dude. You rock.


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