Monday, February 27, 2006

Radio: Cities 97

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Supraluxe got a spin on Cities 97 last night! Jason Nagel who puts together the Minnesota Music show Sunday nights, sandwiched us along with some other great artists. Impressive company!

Here's the playlist:

Sunday, February 26th

Malachi Constant - Blueshammer, Pride
Friends Like These - Karen, Deliver Us From Evil
Tapes 'n Tapes - More Cowbell, The Loon

Willie Wisely - This is Everything, Parador
The Owls - The Lucky Ones, Friends With Benefits (compilation)
Colonial Vipers Attack - Panic Attack, Colonial Vipers Attack

Supraluxe - Run Rabbit Run, Supraluxe

White Light Riot - Illusions, The Dark is Light Enough

Flamin' Oh's - Big Love, Long Live the King
Ol' Yeller - 100 Years After, Penance
High On Stress - Eyeliner Blues, Moonlight Girls

Ashtray Hearts - Exits, Perfect Halves
Paul Westerberg - My Dad, AOL Sessions
Beau Kinstler - Do What You Love, Ocean

JoAnna James - Wake, Desire
Romantica - Break II, It's Your Weakness That I Want


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