Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Not Lame

Supraluxe got listed on Not Lame today!

"Major pop discovery, Not Lamers! This debut is a surprisingly mature and self-assured first work. Meticulous, lush and melodic, the album pulses with light and exudes a dark energy that is undeniable. Supraluxe carves out new classic melodies with a cohesive vision, and they have created a song cycle that is accomplished and complete. Let your stereo speaker carmelize with the now confections of Supraluxe. There`s so much love here in this varied, strikingingly original outing. Fans of New Pornographers/AC Newman, Pernice Brothers, Elliot Smith(lead singer Jim Risser sounds a lot like Smith) will enjoy this entire release. A lot of the material here really brings out that `classic` sound that Elliot Smith perfected on his last studio album, "X/O". You`ll hear a bit of The Posies in the vocal departments and, perhaps, Ice Cream Hands and Superdeluxe. On the more obscure side, a lot of this reminds me of Chicago`s Frisbie. Further, in fact, there`s not a bad track in the batch of 11 songs here. Despite it being a moderately direct pop record, it`s a beautifully warm and intimate release. Warm, breathy, smooth, vocals work perfectly with this material alongside gentle streams of gorgeous acoustic/electrick guitar sounds and a airy, floating spirit that lifts all the material here into a special realm reserved for the very best releases.

Sublime and plaintive, beautifully delivered lyrics to sonic landscapes are delivered with effortless grace by each band member and the always tasteful arrangements make sure that this release will not end up being `just another very fine CD` on your shelf and become one you will be forced, at the least, inclined, to tell others about."



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