Thursday, January 11, 2007


Installment #1 of Stuff You Wondered About When You Were a Kid But Were Never Able To Confirm, from Myth Busters:

Is it possible to do a chain-straight 360° loop on a swingset?

No. Under one's own power it is impossible to do a chain-straight 360° loop on a school yard swingset. With help of other pushers, it is possible, although highly difficult, to do a full circle without the chain being straight. A person would need a rocket strapped to himself to do it. A dummy was set up in such a manner; the rocket was able to propel it in a chain-straight 360° loop, but the setup would be too dangerous with a real person.

Closure. I am complete.


Anonymous Mary said...

You have kids, so I imagine you get asked the most interesting things. My nieces and nephews ask me all the things they are afraid to ask Mom & Dad, so I get some doosies!
If you want a good laugh that takes you back to things you used to think and believe as a kid, check out this website.
The sections on sex are especially funny.

1:55 PM  

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