Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Album of the Day

Pat Metheny - Zero Tolerance for Silence

This is album of the day lots of days. This is what paranoia sounds like. Slightly organized noise. It's perfect sound to work to. I guess some people think the album was a bad joke or a statement against his record company. Pat said it was something he just had to get out or he was going to go crazy. Tim Griggs at Allmusic hates it. Whoever edited the album page at Wikipedia is a little more even handed. My favorite review at Amazon: "Let me begin by saying that I hold three music degrees, one of them a doctorate. I've studied and appreciated lots of modern music/electronic/experimental/acid jazz/you name it. And I'm a huge Pat Metheny fan. But this is the worst damn thing I've ever heard." I do not want to have a beer with that guy. I hate arguing over what constitutes "music". Maybe I have a more liberal definition? All I know is this is the most simultaneously agitating and soothing CD I own.


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