Sunday, April 30, 2006


I haven't blogged about the podcasts lately, I've had, um, things to do. So here today is the wrap-up - all rolled into one for your convenience, pre-masticated for easy digestion, just the way you like it. You and baby birds. Only this is tastier than worms. I'm completely talking out of my ass.


Podgy's Tokyo Talk
Demetrius san Tanjoubi omedetou!
The haves and have-nots in Japan get Podgy fluffed by
the word "Egalitarian". Music from Supraluxe "Marmalade","Blue Sky". Matt Caplan "Sideways", JesusHairdo "I refuse to be your hero" and Heth and Jed with "My Headphones"

Link to show HERE.


Bald Guy Show

Bald Guy and Baron Von Raschke. Separated at girth. I went to see the Baron at the Bismarck Civic Center in the 70's. There was no stopping the man, he had the CLAW. Look the &#$@ out.

Link to the episode 19 HERE. Link directly to mp3 HERE.


Bald Guy Show

Bald Guy and famously tall Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil. Separated by at least 12 inches. Remember when Garrett lit the set of the Alan Thicke Show on fire when he torched some newspapers while his band performed Read About It? No? Me neither.

Link to episode 20 HERE. Link directly to mp3 HERE.


Next M Radio MusicCast

Link to episode 012 HERE. Direct link to mp3 HERE.


As always, love, peace, and understanding. Really.


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