Thursday, April 13, 2006

Garage Band again

I submitted a second song to Garage Band a while ago. I never wrote about it because I've come close to removing the song, not because it isn't doing well but simply because I feel that Garage Band is of marginal benefit to bands in general. The second submission is Love Sweet Love, and it has done slightly better than Run Rabbit Run, for whatever reason. Anyway, the REAL reason I'm even mentioning any of this is because the song was awarded "Best Bass in Power Pop, week of 10apr2006". LOL. I was only trying to sound like John Deacon. The other guys in the band get all the accolades. Look at that list. Sheesh. They earned theirs, though.


Blogger risser said...

What award didn't you guys win?

Best Use of A Minor Eighth During the Resolve of A False Chorus?

I think that award went to ChudPumper out of Toledo and their song "I Like My Women Like I Like My Water.........Wet, Hot and Creamy"

Yorg. Garageband sucks!

10:17 PM  
Blogger Supraluxe said...

We did NOT win:

Most Photogenic Midriff (male)
Most Sensible Haircuts
Best Fake Moonwalk

12:48 AM  

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