Thursday, May 04, 2006

Song of the Day

Got To Write A Letter by Field Music

I'm an member. My subscription re-ups on the 10th of every month, and last night I decided to go ahead and use up 10 of the remaining 11 songs for this month. I downloaded The Beginning Stages Of by The Polyphonic Spree - they happen to be really cool - I listened to them all day today, esp. track 10. Around 5:00 or so I tuned into The Current, and Mary Lucia played Got To Write A Letter by Field Music. Right then I had one of those Holy Crap I Know I Can't Live Without This moments. I hop on the upstairs laptop, hit - totally bummed I used up 10/11ths of my remaining downloads the night before - and download the song. I contemplate the purchase of a "Booster Pack" - something that emusic offers for impulsive sickos like me whose sanity is so dependent on the constant influx of new tunes that they can't contemplate life without immediately satisfying that urge yet have used up all their downloads for the month.

Anyway, this song is a rare one indeed, one of those that inexplicably hits that spot that makes me kick my leg like a dog getting a kickass back rub. Fascinating production values - the piano sounds like a cheap upright, it's not even in tune, but it somehow adds a human vibe that kills. At first I knew I heard Graham Gouldman harmonies, now I'm not so sure of the influence. The recording is very dead, little or no reverb, very "studio" sounding. I'm not going to spend more time raving about it. Suffice it to say that it moves me in a way few songs do. I don't know why.


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