Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Review: The Jaded Dog

J Robinowitz over at The Jaded Dog reviewed our CD. Jaded Dog is described as "Random musings on the world around us, plus weekly movie, music, book, and podcast reviews." Go directly to the online review HERE.

Music Review - Supraluxe
I first heard this band on Bitjobs for the Masses! and liked them enough that I immediately went out and bought their CD from CD Baby.

The album is chock full of guitar driven sugarpop (don't let that word fool you) that doesn't sound like everything else out there. Why not? Because Supraluxe actually seem to know how to write a decent hook for the song to rest on, whereas everyone else seems to concentrate on beat. Another big plus for this album is that all 11 tracks actually sound different from one another, what a concept. The final selling point for me is that the end of the album is just as good as the beginning leading to a comprehensive whole, not just two singles at the beginning with a bunch of noise around it in order to charge for a full album even though all there is is a glorified EP.

I know this is a short review, but I think it would be silly for me to gush for more than 1 paragraph and I really have nothing bad to say about this album. I highly recommend you at least check them out on CD Baby (where you can listen to 2 minutes of each track). I'm sure that if you do, a lot of you will end up making a purchase.



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