Sunday, August 12, 2007


Went to Target tonight for undershirts, and had a little time to kill so I thought I'd see if they have tobacco pipe supplies and accessories. I was pretty sure they wouldn't and I didn't want to waste my time walking around looking, so I approached a not so clean-cut young man wearing the standard uniform, red shirt and tan pants, and inquired about pipes, filters, cleaners, etc. Oh yeah, and I have my kids with me, standing right there beside me. Mr Young Target Employee says (channeling Spicoli) "Oh dude, we don't carry that stuff here - you're gonna want to go to a head shop, and there aren't any around here. Are you familiar with Uptown? Cause there's like a bunch of head shops in Uptown, like the Fetus....(rattles off list) - so I'd try that." I really didn't know what to say - if I correct him then he will feel dumb x2 because he totally misread what I was asking for AND he had just revealed himself as a total stoner. So I didn't, I figured later that night if he thought about it he'd realize he might have said the wrong thing and it would eat at him, maybe even bug the shit out of him. Or if it was me that's what I'd do. So I just said "OK, thanks for the info." "Hey good luck, man." As we walked away my son says "Hey dad, what's so funny?"


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