Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Collapse

I have crossed this bridge more times than I can count, from back when I was a prep cook at the Ediner at the Pavilion mall til yesterday. I've always hated it, because the guard rails are so short I felt like I could go flying off. And it was a long way down. Every time I've ever crossed a bridge in my life I've felt a pang of fear that it could collapse. Just one of those irrational fears, like the elevator thing. Just before it fell, at 6:02, I was in my car listening to Richard Hell on the Current, a song I've never heard before. Then I stopped to pick up my son at his martial arts class. I was trying to get him to pack his things and get going - he was talking to some other kids about a Pokemon game for his Nintendo. I stared at a bizarre formless tattoo on the arm of a woman there. Right then......boom. Richard Hell. Tattoo. How many people on that bridge were listening to The Current at that moment? Listening to Richard Hell? Or was it Money Mark, the next song? (I don't know exactly when it collapsed) Have you ever worried that you might die in your car while listening to a song you hate? I have. What a horrible thought - imagine that the last song you hear is by 38 Special. But the thing I take away from this - pay attention. Listen to every sound, absorb every sight, breathe in every scent, live in the moment - you never know which moment will be your last. And please, God, when it's my turn, don't make me die listening to 38 Special.


Blogger Clarence said...

So very true...take it All in, every instant.
And it would be Atlanta Rhythm Section or Paul Anka that frighten me. Last sound, or at any time...
Love & Peace, Clarence Jones

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Mary DeHaas said...

Glad to hear you all are okay! I'm coming up to Minneapolis to the Shakopee Pow-wow in a couple of weeks, you should all come out - bring your kids and stop by my Rez Dog booth and say "Hey".

1:45 PM  

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