Sunday, November 19, 2006

Timeline / LSL Interview

Hard to say when then next set of songs will be out. We have enough songs for the 2nd CD, and we will soon begin construction of our studio. That could take a while. How long, who knows? Once that's done we can BEGIN recording. That will also take a while. Again how long, again who knows? My best guess is late next year earliest.

In the meantime, realizing that's a long time to go between fixes, we'll trickle out some other song snippets or outtakes or whatnot. And along those lines, here's a clip Bob and I did a while back. We were asked to provide some commentary about our recording technique (laff - what recording technique?). We just turned the mic on one night and started babbling. Bob took an extract of Love Sweet Love to accompany it and voila. It's actually kind of cool. Oddly, the guy we sent it too didn't like it and wouldn't play it. Not techie enough I guess. Whatever.

Judge for yourself.


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