Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Art Tatum

My musical tastes run the gamut. While snooping around eMusic trying to find some good classical piano recordings, I happened on Art Tatum. I'm embarrassed to admit that until last night I didn't know the first thing about him. I'd heard of him, I knew he was a jazz guy, but that was it.

Stupid. I must live under a rock.

Last night I read so many incredible things about him I decided to give him a try, and I was so blown away at this guy's technique I was like a bug to a light. This "new" discovery of mine resulted in me staying up until 3:00 AM listening to all the Art Tatum I could find. I usually look for a balance in music, something that appeals to the emotional and intellectual sides equally, but now and then I run across something or someone whose mastery of one or the other appeals to me so much that the whole "balance" thing goes out the window. This was the case last night. Such was his ability that music of almost unbelievable beauty and complexity danced and twinkled like he was less an interpreter than a conduit.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for lift off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god!
i wish...

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