Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Few Notes

Supraluxe is not an orthodox band. We don't gig, we don't have a manager, a label, or really any spare time to promote our music. I'm sure to the outsider this appears to veer dangerously close to hobbyville, no? Well, sticks and stones. I've never been in ANY band who wrote songs I believe in as much as these. Our entire ethic has been DIY, our CD was done in a basement, Jim's wife took the band pics, any airplay we got was the result of us making personal pleas, etc., etc. And for the last few months we've been ensconced in a practice room the size of a shoebox writing and rehearsing new material. When the new batch is ready to go, lather, rinse, repeat. So if you don't see as much action on the podosphere or elsewhere, that's why. Time is sometimes the enemy. So please know that any contributions you may be able to make to the Supraluxe cause, no matter how small, are appreciated and noted in the book of Karma, and possibly here if I find out about it. Like requesting us on the radio, reviewing our CD at eMusic, whatever. I'm stopping short of asking anyone to do these things, I'm just saying it takes a village to support the village idiot.


Blogger risser said...

We were played on the current Saturday, BTW.

Nice post.

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