Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Podcast: Bandweblogs

Jenny and Dave at BandwebLogs were gracious enough to include Supraluxe on the latest installment of the Bandweblogs podcast. I found Bandweblogs by chance one day while seeking out podcasts that play interesting pop. (To my ear, "interesting" could mean lots of things) These guys are sincere music junkies; it shows, and it warms my heart to hear people like these two champion the cause, especially the cause of the little guy, which we, collectively, are. Bandweblogs is produced in England, Oxford I believe. A gentlemanly shout out to Jenny and Dave, big thanks.

Stream the show HERE.

Direct link to their podcast page HERE.

Note to Jenny: Yes, we did record it all in a home studio, Bob's basement. At least as comfortable as Electric Ladyland, and cheaper to boot.


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