Thursday, March 16, 2006

Podcast: Insomnia Radio

The latest episode of Insomnia Radio, #71, features no advertising. Jason is going part-time with the ads - I hope that doesn't mean he's going part-time with the income. Maybe he's going part-time with food. I don't know, maybe he's on a diet and he's trying to incentify his stomach. Although he doesn't sound like an overweight man. He sounds, like a, uh, just a guy. With brown hair? Just a guess. And good taste in music, which crosses all hair color boundaries.

ANYWAYYYYZZZZZZZZ.......Episode #71 features, in the words of Jason: "Andy J, the composer, guitarist, synth master, bass player, and percussion section of The Holden Caulfield Experience. Every instrument he plays has been broken." And if that isn't enticement enough for you to check it out, let me add that Andy plays the trumpet too. Now how much would you pay?

Oh, and Jason plays Sugar Chalet on #71. Forgot to mention my own band. Sheesh.

In case you missed it, you can also catch Insomnia Radio Show #65, where we make another similarly exciting appearance.


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Thanks for keeping the BLOG up. I check it frequently and it's about time I contribute...



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