Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Has Updating

A month or two ago I recommended getting the Vonnegut out. I did, and you'll thank me if you do too. I started with Breakfast of Champions, which I didn't really like as much as I remember liking before. I moved on to Slaughterhouse Five - big improvement. With kids in tow I went to Half Price Books at Miracle Mile and bought Cat's Cradle. I sort of blasted through it up to page 200, then realized that I wasn't paying nearly close enough attention to detail and concepts so I started over from the beginning. Never done that before but it was totally worth it. When I finished that I almost read it another time. I didn't though, I went back to HPB and got the hardcover of A Man Without a Country which I read in one sitting. It was the funniest book of the 4, a collection of ruminations that reads like you're chatting with the author over beers. Order of like: 1) Cat's Cradle, 2) SF and AMWAC tied, and 3) B of C.

Then I decided to give Kurt V a rest and picked up More Pricks Than Kicks by Samuel Beckett. Shocking change of style from KV, much thicker denser reading, lots of going to the dictionary and not understanding the early 20th century literary references. Or something. I like a story about how some guy makes toast as much as the next guy but I think I'm going to put it down now and find something else. Oh, speaking of something else I tried to read Rabbit Run by Updike but I didn't get far. Seems like kind of a routine story about how messed up modern life is, and I, um, know that already? I suppose I like writers who turn reality inside out more than those who just reflect it.

So I'm taking suggestions now. Please leave your number and a brief message after the tone.


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