Friday, January 26, 2007

Bands that will Turn You Gay

Update - 1/29 - "Donnie Davis" has removed Supraluxe! Afraid of being outed?

Update - 1/29 - Hoax? Hoax! Supraluxe regrets the error but hope you consider turning gay anyway.

Update - 1/27 -
We made the list! Very cool, we couldn't be prouder.

We didn't make the list, which is disappointing since we wrote Boyfriend specifically to get on it.

The guy who compiled the list is a musician and obviously has issues with his, um, "feelings".


Anonymous Mary said...

I just got a great laugh when I saw that you made the list today. You must be so proud. Okay, pink shirt, white pants...who is this guy fooling? Not me and certainly not God!

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Mary said...

He also has a list of "Safe Bands." I noted Cyndi Lauper on the list. Hmmm. So her song "She Bop" about masterbation is still just fine with good old Donnie boy. Whew, that's good to know! All is right with my world.

Thought I was going to have to give something up Cyndi Lauper I mean, of course...uh...yeah....

10:32 PM  

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