Monday, December 11, 2006

Memo to share holders

In the interest of time, Supraluxe has decided to bypass fledging band status and will be proceeding to superstar status. As such, the following will need to be provided at practices and performances from now on as per contractual agreements:

1. Champagne to dip our testicles in. (It's should try it!)
2. Female genital casts molded from the finest bavarian chococate (Honestly......why separate two of life's greatest pleasures!)
3. Golden drum sticks forged of lightning from the almightly hand of Thor
4. High colonic bags filled with Remy-Martin
5. Chicks. Lots of chicks. Special requests from Bob (keyboards) include larger boned woman from the Wisconsin state college system. Leg warmers and tall hair a must.
6. 84 back up Charvel Shredders for road gigs
7. Cocaine pancakes each Sunday

Thank you for your continued backing and support.


The band


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