Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Power Pop

There's a lot of underground attention to Power Pop in the blog world, and I sort of stay on top of it. There are some bands saying new things, expanding the sound, but it doesn't seem like many are saying anything new. That's partly because the language has already been fleshed out. It's difficult to sound fresh if you don't push the envelope, and sometimes people intentionally DON'T push the envelope because they're right in the pocket they're aiming for. There's so much old stuff that's been forgotten, and some of it is as good or better than what's being released today. I think long ago, the concept was fresh, so it all sounded exciting - e.g. Gary Myrick, Bram Tchaikovsky, Nick Lowe, et al... And there was crap back then, too. Lots of it. I used to scour the cassette and LP cutout bins at drug stores etc. and I bought everything I could afford (all of which I still own), so I can personally attest to that. But one of the best from that era was "So Much For Everylasting Love" by The Sights, a band from So Cal. Released in 1982, it was barely played and quickly discarded, and I've never understood why. This is as close to "Power Pop" perfection (whatever that is, really) as you'll ever hear. The singer sounds a LOT like Peter Case, which leads me to want to suggest you check out The Plimsouls, another CA Power Pop band from the early 80's. Another great band from that era.


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