Monday, November 13, 2006


I ran into local humor columnist, fellow Fargo alum and occasional political bloviator James Lileks the other day. I run into him every couple months. No, we're not friends, not acquaintances. Never spoken to him, wouldn't know what I'd say if I did, so I don't bother. Anyway, I had my daughter with me to pick up some Chinese from the local eatery down the street. Lileks is there with his head in a book, waiting for his order. But something wasn't quite right. People don't bring books with them into restaurants when they're ordering for takeout. So I sensed he wasn't reading at all, but listening - that the book was a prop, or a safety net to shield himself from a potentially awkward social situation. My girl was interested in the Chinese zodiac or whatever they call it, each year is assigned an animal, and she mentioned that she's a Dragon. She asked what Mommy was, I told her. Not long after that, our order was up. The woman called me by name "Mr. Pearson" - we eat there a lot - I paid and we were off. (BTW - some time ago I asked her her name - she told me, and I couldn't understand her. I asked her to repeat it, she did, and I still didn't understand. I asked one more time, she said it again, and I realized it wasn't going to get any better so I quit trying. I just call her "Mrs. Kwan", but not to her face.) Next day I go to Lilek's "bleat" and see he's ruminated about his little Chinese experience. My daughter and I make a cameo.


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